Adyghe salt - unique traditions

Adyghe salt is a product, the recipe of which is rooted in the ancient traditions of the Adyghe national cuisine. The manufacturing technology of the product is not based on simple mixing of seasonings, spices and salt, but on the absorption of the beneficial properties of garlic, seasonings and spices into salt crystals, such as coriander, chaman, jata, savory, dill, parsley, red bell pepper, black pepper, etc. Edible salt, saturated with the beneficial properties of the above components, penetrates deeply into the prepared dish, enriching it with vitamins, imparting a delicious taste and a pleasant appetizing aroma.

Adyghe salt is used instead of ordinary salt in the preparation of first courses, second courses, salads, pickles, twists, pickles, when pickling vegetables, meat products, fish, etc. Our company has been making this incomparable product using a unique technology since 2002.

Вся наша продукция только из экологически чистых натуральных компонентов!

All our products are made only from environmentally friendly natural ingredients!
  • Excellent taste and aroma! Over the years, we have selected the optimal combination of seasonings and spices, thanks to which the dishes cooked with our seasoning are much tastier and have a rich aroma!
  • A lot of vitamins and useful microelements of various seasonings and spices are contained in the crystals of the Adyghe salt, thanks to the unique cooking technology.
  • Strengthening the immune system. The product contains garlic, known for its beneficial effect on human immunity. In turn, this is a good confirmation of the thesis "Medicine is food, and food is medicine".
  • Reducing salt intake by 12-15%!
    "Adyghe salt" is a seasoning with
    increased salinity, which allows
    you to get the necessary taste
    with the use of less salt (NaCl).
  • It is more profitable to buy "Adyghe salt" than to acquire individual components that make up its composition.
  • ll products have
    appropriate certificates
    and declarations.
Khuazhev A.Z.
  • Adyghe salt "Ulyapskaya"
  • Adyghe salt "Bzhedugskaya"
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